We see you. We believe you. You matter.
"What would it mean to survivors for  the entire campus community to be behind them in their healing? What would it mean for survivors that the care we give to them is not limited to the few on campus either whose job it is to do this work, or who have taken a special, personal interest in it?”*

We ask the above question at the end of each of our Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence workshops, not just to simply pose the question, but to present it as a call to action. What would it mean to our campus community if YOU let survivors know you are behind them in their healing? What would it mean if you spent more time letting survivors know you see them, you believe them, and they matter to you?

Consistently, we receive feedback from campus members that recognizes the Women's Center as a leader in advocating for survivors of sexual violence. We strive to be a campus model is cultivating safe spaces for survivors that support their personal, emotional, and academic well-being and success. We also work to support their friends, classmates, professors and colleagues in accessing critical resources and skills to diminish sexual violence on our campus. Just last year alone, the Women's Center

  • Met 51 times with community members impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, harassment, stalking, and other Title IX related concerns
  • Trained 123 community members in our Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence workshop
  • Cultivated survivor-supportive space through events such as Take Back the Night , the Clothesline Project, and the Baltimore-based Monument Quilt workshop

But, we cannot do this alone. Survivors of sexual violence require a community of support. Will you join our community in supporting survivors and amplifying the voice to their experiences? Will you give to expand the Women's Center platform for raising awareness and access to resources?

Over the next year, we hope to expand our services to better reach out to the LGBTQ+ community and women of color. We are training several community members to help expand our ability to offer Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence workshops to the campus.  In addition to Take Back the Night, we will also be hosting the Baltimore-based Monument Quilt display this fall. These efforts will not be possible without additional financial support from our friends and allies.

Join our campaign to support UMBC survivors with a gift of $25 (or more, or less!)

We are asking our Women's Center friends and allies to make a gift of $25 -- but a donation of any size helps us achieve our goal.  Consider your gift of $25 a full 2 hours of uninterrupted and holistic support for a survivor of sexual violence seeking help. A contribution of $50 would ensure 20 UMBC community members participate in our survivor-supportive workshop.  Being one of 25 Women's Center friends making a gift of just $100 will double our current co-sponsorship support for Take Back the Night - meaning we can do even more of the important work we've accomplished over the past year.

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All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.

*Quote from Dr. Mollie Monahan-Krieshman, found in Walking the Woods: The Lived Experience of Sexual Assault Survival for Women in College