The Choice Jobs Program

A project by: UMBC Annual Giving


WE RAISED $2,395

from 21 donors

Help Choice Jobs carve a unique pathway to employment for young people in our community.

At Choice Jobs, we believe the first job is an essential experience for the growth and development of a young person. The Choice Jobs Program offers on-the-job training for youth while providing access to resources and opportunities they may otherwise not be afforded.

During the Choice Jobs program, youth participate in job training sessions and work at one of our three Flying Fruit locations (Inner Harbor kiosk, Camden Yards stand, and University of Baltimore café).  After completing their training, our young people are excited to transition into their first unsubsidized employment, but often need access to reliable transportation and interview-appropriate attire.

How you can make A DIFFEENCE

Your support will help Choice Jobs provide these ancillary resources to help empower our job seekers to find meaningful employment.

All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.