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“We see you. We believe you. You matter.” 

This is not just a tagline the Women’s Center frequently uses in an effort to show our solidarity with marginalized communities needing care and support. It’s also a call to action. The action of carving out space and showing up for students. The action of speaking up and acting up for what’s important and meaningful for students to feel connected and supported. The action to create home. It is the foundation of all we do in the Women’s Center.  

Every year over 10,000 visits are made to the Women’s Center by our UMBC community members. Sometimes the visit is from an adult learner with a family returning to college for the first time in years. Other times it may be a student exploring the complexities of coming our as non-binary. Many times it is a student finding her voice as an agent for change. Whatever brings a student to the Women’s Center, we seek to provide exceptional resources and support to complement the drive, the deep need, and the excitement for these students to find their people, find their home, and feel supported throughout their UMBC journey. 

Our Women’s Center at UMBC has been a campus fixture since 1991. While our mission will always be to support and advocate for women and gender equity for our campus, our work has shifted and flexed to meet the pressing needs of our community.

We provide unique support and resources to UMBC’s efforts to address the needs of survivors of sexual violence within our community through Retriever Courage. We strive to advance UMBC’s commitment to social justice and inclusive excellence through events like Critical Social Justice, Brave Space Forums, and our several identity-based discussion groups that support LGBTQ students and women-identified students of color. We also take great pride in cultivating community for adult learners through our Returning Women Students Scholars + Affiliates program which provides a feeling of belonging to students who otherwise may never find a deep connection to our campus community. Each and every year we provide a home away from home for hundreds of students using our lounge space to meet with friends, study, eat lunch, or take a deep breath.

But, we cannot and have not ever done this alone. Since our very beginning, the work of the Women's Center would not be possible without the financial support from our friends and allies.

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